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Chibisu's Costume Combat
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Chump Squad

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Charity EPJam, Partnered with
Collaborating with many game composers, we've partnered with Able Gamers to create an album where 100% of the proceeds go to their cause. Like a game jam, a theme is provided and composers are given a limited amount of time to write a track based on the theme. So far this is the first and only album, but I play on doing the EPJam with several game audio communities! If you are interested in participating, feel free to contact me here, and I hope someday I can bring this project further!
  1. Whalenaut
    Music, Sound Design, Game Design Top 10 in all categories in Dragon Jam
  2. Jams/Free Games
    Jukebox Synesthesia
    Music, Game Design, Art Ranked in the Top 10 in music for Music Game Jam Featured in the Music Game Jam Charity Collection Bundle
  3. Alchemist Demands Soup
    Music, Sound Design, Game Design, Additional Art Winner of Geta Game Jam 6
  1. Keke's Dreamland
    Music and Additional Sound Design In Development *More on Release
  2. Big Pockets
    Music Global Game Jam 2018
  3. One Minute Raccoon Rush
    Music and Sound Design