Mitchel Wong Audio

Great games deserve great audio.

Hi there! My name is Mitchel Wong and I compose music and do sound design for video games (most notably Kine), trailers and other visual media. I'm also a co-organizer of Game Audio Boston and the founder and organizer of the Charity EP Jam. 

If you need music and audio in your game I would love to learn about your games and create excellent and memorable music and sounds to make them come alive. I like to work closely with my clients to craft music and sound that is perfectly suited for their games and films. If you're interested in working together and ensuring high quality audio for your game, feel free to contact me!
  1. Music
    Custom made music tailored to fit your video game. To me, good video game music is memorably singable, stylistically distinct, and emotionally impacting.
  2. Sound Effects
    Proper sound effects are either distinctly recognizable out of context, or seamlessly unnoticeable.
  3. Trombone Performance
    Trombone Performance
    If you're another composer or musician in need of a low brass player, I perform, record, and teach trombone and all other low brass instrument.


"I hired Mitchel to compose a song for my game. Little did I know he would first play the game in its entirety multiple times, then pitch several elegant song ideas, and then request to play the game again after his music was integrated just to make sure that it fit perfectly. Mitchel isn't just a musician. Mitchel is a passionate gamer and game developer. He understands that music is just part of the experience, a piece of a composition that is the entire game, and he was a pleasure to work with. I will be hiring him again very soon!"​

-Gwen Frey, Chump Squad 

       formerly at The Molasses Flood and Irrational Games 

"Mitchel composes high quality video game-themed music at a prompt speed, and produces good music in a variety of styles. I highly recommend him for your music needs and am happy to chat about his work."

-Brian Lui, Hardly Working Games
"Mitchel's music is pretty dope and fits the theme of the games perfectly. His themes have a varied range of styles too. About the SFX department [...] he's done a great job as well, in my opinion. He's also been a great help on the creative and marketing side and is really easy to communicate with."

-"Deaymon," Blue Jackalope Games
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